Modern Style of Living

Today's modern style of living is mainly about comfort, peace and harmony at home. Many of us like to be surrounded by a stylish interior and luxurious housing accessories. This is how such atmosphere can be created.

What brings a feeling of a nice and comfortable home?

  • Get new furniture according to your taste - contemporary furniture trends are very elegant, light and playful; there is definitely a wide choice

  • Use innovative interior decorations - in addition to paintings and posters, self-adhesive wallpaper can be used - either on the wall, or on furniture and glass

  • An important aspect is spaciousness of the apartment - spaciousness in your home creates a sense of peace and visual rest, bringing positive energy

  • Create ingenious storage space where you can store things - this is how you keep the space in your apartment empty and things you don´t need that often out of sight

  • Last but not least, the modern style of living also includes environment-friendly appliances and waste separating - knowing that you have an ecological approach to your home will make you happy, you´ll help the environment and save on energy

Selected tips

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Nezapomínejte ani na zdraví svého čtyřnohého miláčka kupujte mu kvalitní krmivo pro psy.

Vestavěné skříně a kuchyně na míru INDECO

Zařizujete si byt a řešíte, kam uložit své věci? Vestavěné skříně Praha jsou určitě jedním z řešení.

RJ Companies

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What´s the best way to find a rental apartment in Prague?

Renting a Prague apartment

Renting an apartment in Prague is not an easy matter at all. You have to face many difficulties and constantly consider different options of renting an apartment, no matter whether you want to find a rental apartment on your own or choose from the vast offer of real estate agencies. Which way to go to be safe?
Locations with new apartments in Prague

Locations: new Prague flats

The historical centre - Prague 1 - is not so convenient to live in long-term. It´s crowded with foreigners, housing is expensive and many houses here are empty. It´s an area where you hardly meet any neighbours, you´ll have to walk a bit to buy food and the chances for peace will only appear outside the tourist season. The surroundings of the historical centre are much friendlier to live.
Guide to renting an apartment

Guide to renting an apartment

If you are looking for a rental apartment Prague or anywhere else, it is important to find time to go through everything in detail. Finding the right home where you want to stay long-term is not easy, you need to get ready for that. To do this, we have prepared a few hints and tips that you should take into consideration before signing a contract.
Wellness & relax

Prague attracts not just foreigners

According to the last census, which took place in 2011, currently lives in the Czech capital more than 1.2 million inhabitants. Over last ten years immigrated to the capital more than 100,000 new citizens. A significant proportion of the growth of population are foreigners, who currently make up two fifths of the population of Prague.

Why do so many people want to live in Prague?

There are many reasons why people move to Prague. Many choose Prague for a new home due to higher chances of getting an interesting job and provided a higher pay scale. Many people also attracted wealthy city life, offering a wealth of cultural, sporting and social activities. And last but not least, the great attraction of this unique historic atmosphere and modern city at the same time.

The magic of the historical center

Even in today's hectic times like everyone stops, stares and marveled at the sight of the majestic Prague Castle or legendary Charles Bridge. Deep rooted magic of the old city impresses again and again as the native citizens of Prague. When you browse the historical center, certainly will not leave you cold fairytale beauty of buildings, statues, kerosene lamps, bridges, and thousands of towers. In particular, thanks to the many pilgrims always returned to Prague. No wonder, Prague is one of the most beautiful cities in the world that will tell you many of hard-bitten travelers.

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Albertov Rental Apartments

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